The where

We love bringing projects to the table from anywhere in the world. Geographically we have no boundaries. Currently we are funding in our own "backyard" such as the Mediterranean (World Rise) and the African coast of the Indian Ocean (Oceans Without Borders) as well as projects of different media and a global reach (Volvo Ocean Race and A Plastic Planet)

Volvo ocean Race A global sporting event, with seven teams involved, is in a unique position to offer first-hand evidence of the impact plastic pollution is having on the health of our ocean.The boats cross some of the remotest parts of the oceans on earth. Places so far flung that, in one case, they were actually closer to the astronauts on the International Space Station than any human being on our planet. This information collected from the seas is critically important for the scientific community. HRH The Prince of Wales (Ocean Family Foundation sponsored the boat, Turn the Tide on Plastic, who collected this data)