The what

We seek out and donate to existing or start up marine and ocean orientated conservation projects. These are either projects out in the field or multimedia programmes. Projects also find us.

Our emphasis is on having a direct connection with the project we support. We like projects that resonate with us and that we can visit, feel, touch and see the end destination of our funding.

Volvo Ocean Race

Ocean Family Foundation has played a pivotal role in the success of the Volvo Ocean Race sustainability programme, specifically supporting the sailing team Turn the Tide on Plastic. Ocean Family Foundation’s engagement has helped drive in a unique and groundbreaking campaign as the Race has travelled around the world. Thanks to Ocean Family Foundation support, we have also raised awareness to more than 80,000 children, 1700 influencers through the seven Ocean Summits and been able to communicate our sustainability messages to many of our three million race village visitors across the globe and through the countless media articles on the causes of and solutions to ocean plastic pollution. Anne-Cécile Turner, Sustainability programme leader

Oceans Without Borders

&Beyond’s Oceans Without Borders initiative, in partnership with Africa Foundation, expands their longstanding dedication to land and wildlife conservation to include the much needed protection and preservation of our oceans. Thanks to the success of their 3Cs impact model of caring for the land, wildlife and people through the delivery of extraordinary guest experiences, which has enabled them to directly influence 9 million acres of wildlife land, they are now able to influence an additional 3 000 km of African coastline through their marine activities at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve and three islands within their growing portfolio.

The creation of Oceans Without Borders has been predominantly funded by the Ocean Family Foundation. Covering the operational cost for three years, this seed funding contributes to salaries, staff accommodation, and daily operation costs.

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Oceans Without Borders has committed to these main objectives:

  • Providing logistical support for the expansion of current marine protected areas (MPAs)
  • Upgrading the status of current MPAs to marine reserves, which warrant a higher level of protection
  • Driving sustainable community benefits throughout tourism to marine conservation areas and developing alternative revenue sources for island or coastal communities
  • Supporting current conservation and research initiatives and establishing new ones
  • Using flagship projects to showcase the challenges facing marine ecosystems around the world

World Rise

Worldrise is a non-profit organisation founded by young professionals able to create projects that unite environmental protection, creativity, and education. Worldrise projects aim to promote the conservation and valorisation of the marine environment through activities that are also able to act as a driver for sustainable economic and social development.

The projects are coordinated and carried out by young professionals and they directly involve university students and recent graduates in order to offer them the opportunity to combine academic knowledge with practical experience.

Projects include: #Batti 5 A creative and educational project to build awareness among the younger generation on the threats of plastic pollution to our ocean Il Golfo dei Delfini5 Creation and promotion of new forms of economic and social development based on the valorisation of local natural resources.

Full Immersion Cinque Terre A series of educational activities and scientific studies to enhance the environmental value of Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area. A-Mare le Isole Eolie Promotion and dissemination of cultural and environmental values of marine coastal environments of the Aeolian Islands. #Targetplasticfree The creation of a network of commercial activities, working towards the common goal of eliminating the usage of single use plastic. Sustainable Cookin’MedSeafood Guide A cooking guide to educate on the practice of sustainable fishing and the responsible use of seafood, created in collaboration with the best Mediterranean chefs.

A Plastic Planet

A Plastic Planet is a grassroots organisation with a single aim – a plastic free aisle in supermarkets.

With concern growing over the effect of plastic packaging on human health as well as environmental pollution, people are demanding a choice over single-use plastic. A Plastic Planet is working with: politicians, scientists, charities, NGOs, packaging manufacturers, consumer goods producers, and supermarkets themselves to deliver the campaign’s aim.